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LED Tube Light Supplier in Ludhiana Tube Light Distributor in Ludhiana Features : Designed and developed as per European Standards EN-60598-1, EN-60598-2-3, EN-60598-2-4 & EN-60968 Instant start, No flicker, No noise, Low work temperature, Low power consumption. Aluminium Die Cast Body Fixture - Eliminates Problem of Rusting. Optimal thermal design to provide extended life to LEDs. Bug Free Light - UV Free LED Light – Eliminating Bug problems – Reduces frequent glass cleaning expenses. CE Marking Approved as per European Standards - for further details please refer to CE Marking Certificate. Short Pay Back Period Saving more than 80% Power than traditional fixtures. Applications: Indoor Lighting Surface Mounting Lighting Wall Mounting / Ceiling Mounting Lighting Overhead Machine Light Lighting Warehouse Indoor Lighting Production Line Lighting Super Market Lighting Office Area Lighting Tube Lighting
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